Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Mid-Week Excursus: I remember it like it was yesterday...

Abbigail and I don't disagree on many things. While thinking of potential excursus topics we came up with the idea to do a Pro v. Con entry. What would we write about? Labor unions? That's about all we've disagreed on. As much as I love my labor unions, and as willing as I am to verbally will to power that they exist at all of our benefits, we both did agree that something more interesting was necessary for this week's Excursus. So we are both sharing our views on something close to each of our hearts. Our respective kick-ass mobile devices. (Check out Abbigail's take here at Attempted Domestication)

I had just turned 24, and was extremely happy to be celebrating my 24th sun circle with my friends in the city I'd dreamed of living in. I was moving into a sexy new loft-style apartment with one of my best friends and was months and a thesis away from my Masters degree. I didn't think the world could get any better for Mark. The gods were already smiling upon me and showering me with such favor that I knew I had surely reached an apex of joy and fulfillment in life.

Then, it came.

My T-Mobile g1 (powered by Google), literally changed my life. All the things I had come to appreciate, and even taken for granted, were now significantly amplified by my ability to coordinate it all at my fingertips, while Google chatting my close friends and family.

They say that what your mother doesn't teach you, life will.

I say, what your mother doesn't teach you, Google will let you search for, and then someone will create an Android app to do it for you. FTW!

There are many reasons I am a firm supporter of my g1, and Android as a mobile OS (operating system). I've had a Palm (like, an old school Palm YIKES!), the T-Mobile Dash (with Windows Mobile), and have used many Blackberries at different hardware and OS versions. The g1 offers an interface that is both intuitive, and aesthetically pleasing. The phone itself is outstanding an durable (great for someone like me who is constantly on the go and has to be able to drop it every once in awhile during a mad dash to fulfill one of adulthood's demands).

I will concede that there are drawbacks to not being a Blackberry user. Well, there is A drawback. A lot of my friends use BBM which I unfortunately can not (it's always a letdown when a friend asks for my BBM pin and I have to reply with a "sorry, I only have a Google phone"). Before I attempt to include other drawbacks, I'll just default to the crickets...And not just any cricket...Good Ole Jiminy

I fall in love with my g1 more and more with each passing day. When I lose my phone, I have a friend text my secret code I came up with ('s....) and my phone volume goes straight to high and rings so it can be found (Thank you Where's My Droid app). In addition to my banking, chatting, mapping, finding the car through GPS if I lose it in a parking lot/garage (it happens), I have been reunited with many of my favorite arcade games (i.e.--Pac Man and Galaga...yeaaaaah) while being introduced to new games (i.e.--Coloroid and Jewels). My dreams and desires are at my fingertips with my g1. Android has become more than just an operating system communicative medium, it's now a way of life for me. My dreams for the world include the eradication of hunger, poverty, oppression, and availability of Android powered mobile devices for all.

As a pseudo-techie (I am a technology consultant after all) I think Android's true value, and what will guarantee an increase in Google's share of the smart mobile market, is the fact that the Android market is open source, allowing software developers to spring up new applications and for poorly developed apps to be phased out based on the collective users' preferences. It is a true open market, and I love that.

While iPhone users lose their ability to actually talk on their mobile device (remember when we purchased phones for that reason?!?! whodathunkit!) based on 3G traffic in Downtown DC, I remain calm and know that T-Mobile's 3G network, while not as widespread as AT&T's and Verizon's, has the reliability of a true friend. There when you need them, and there when you don't.

So yes, it changed my life. I'll admit it. I'm in love with my g1. It is the originator. The market introduction of Google's Android OS. Sometimes I feel like a proud parent when I see the many new Android operating phones released by the major carriers. Nothing makes me happier than seeing a person using the Droid, Droid Eris, or the myTouch, or any other Android powered phone, for these reasons:
1) I love seeing the expansion of communications technologies. The more technologies brought to scale within the market, the faster we will get updated technologies available in the market to compete. Everyone, especially consumers, win with that.
2) More people using Android powered devices equates to more useful and market ready Android apps. The thought of newer, better apps everyday makes my baby toe curl up a little bit.
3) Google is the shiznit.

From web browsing, to texting, to synching up with my Gmail, Google Calendar AND Google Reader...

Yeah, I'll stop there. Enough said. For every winner, there's gotta be a loser. Ask the Betamax


Abbigail said...

Haha -- you so read mine before writing yours! LOSER.

Good points :)

FreeSoul.ChildoftheSun said...


Nope, I just know a win when I have one.

Lisa said...

Oh lovers, just be glad the cell phone was invented!