Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter Chill

So, I've been on a mental vacation over the past few days. Due in large part to the whopping 20+ inches of snow that hit the Metro DC area this weekend. It started like this:

And then ended like this:

I grew up in Southeastern Michigan, where snow days and ice storms were so common that churches and schools just changed their times to accommodate Mother Nature. I never thought I would see the day that an entire metropolitan region would come to a standstill all due to a few extra inches of snow and layers of ice. It has been lovely though. I've gotten to catch up on sleep. By catch up I mean get in all the sleep I have not gotten in for the past, hmmmmm 3-4 years.

A part of me wonders if I'm even awake right now, or if I'm blogging in my dreams.

The best part was definitely Saturday morning. I woke up, opened my shades, looked outside and it was literally as though I woke up in a dreamland. The entire world outside my window that I've become comfortable and familiar with was entirely blanketed and utterly peaceful. There was not a human, not even a bird, in sight. I thought to myself that even Mother earth must appreciate to getting in a good hard nap every now and then. Coated, blanketed in layers, with no possible interruption.

And now, I'll follow Mother earth's lead and enter back into a slumber. My next blog will be my goals for the new year and the new decade. NEW DECADE!!! What. The. Frick. How did this happen?! Where did time go? Did someone hide it in a box?

2010. Out of control.

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