Thursday, November 19, 2009

Who gets hated on more than the President?

I love my job. We spent the whole day in a conference room analyzing every, minute action of a group of individuals. Me and two other people. Just for the three of us to tell hundreds of other people what they do and how to do it better.

I love my job?

I love my life, so I tolerate my job. I love my job because my job is now the biggest part of securing my life, which I love. By default I guess this means I love my job. Or does this mean I love what my job does for me? That sounds like a question for someone in a shitty relationship. Except my job's not shitty. I sat and analyzed all day. C'est ma vie.

I have never in my life been more excited about getting this leg of the trip over, and getting to Friday. Are we there yet?

I have not watched Conan O'Brien since he started hosting The Tonight Show. He has won me over. He's been ripping on Kirstie Alley with no apologies. I don't condone bullying, but I am firmly pro-hilarity. Now he's interviewing Spencer and Heidi from some show about some rich, white benefactor kids from some town in Southern California full of other rich, white kids who don't have much else to do in their life but be rich and white (and somehow get famous for it). "I feel like every president just gets as much hating as Spencer Pratt so that's the next level of haterness." --Spencer Pratt, famous for...being an asshole.


Thankfully I have instituted Wednesday Night Football courtesy of my Wii and procurement of Madden 10.

My Project Manager used the term "hard-on" in regular conversation with me and a woman on our team. The context? Don't remember. He's only the second person this week to use it during a meeting, albeit in a non-sexual way. Totally within a professional context. All for the client. Which makes it even more awkward. I remember the awkwardness following the dropping of a hard H "Hard-on" much more than I could ever remember what he said before or after that. In my head I interjected with "What, you have no more ideas, but your still talking? I'm sorry. Huh?" At first I thought it was an intentional "that's what she said" type of joke, so out loud I laughed. He's no Michael J. Scott though. Michael J. Scott has couth. Just no common sense.

I love my job.

Sammy Sosa, wtf?! I'll need more time to think on this one.

I guess he should get a cut of Spencer and Heidi's career earnings.

Let's sleep on that one.

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Lishaun said...

Analyzing all day with three people sounds like a party. At least there wasn't a half drunk man standing over your shoulder asking you if you were: "done yet with that thing"... as the smell of rum permeated your nostrils.

C'est la vie.

I Love My Job.